Adolescent Coaching

Adolescence is a significant and formational time in a young person's life. Various changes both internal and external come together in a way that often creates confusion, fear and self-doubt. Coaching provides an adolescent with a professional yet personal connection that neutralizes negative emotions and empowers young people with tools, techniques and concepts designed to strengthen their inner being.

While my work with young girls may be focused on a particular area, the raising of self-esteem is most often a natural by-product of coaching. High, healthy self-esteem is essential for one to reach their full potential in all areas of life. Self-esteem is a core-power in the life of a young girl as it directly influences her choices and decisions which effect and shapes the quality of her life. Thus, the combination of working together on current challenges, issues, goals, etc. in conjunction with the development and nurturing of high self-esteem allows for a young girl to journey through adolescence with more ease, confidence and joy.

Adolescent stems from the Latin alere, which means to nourish or to grow.