Leadership Within Workshop

A program designed to develop the qualities and proven skills necessary for turning young women into Leaders.

This fun and progressive eight week program is set in a comfortable, relaxed and inspiring atmosphere.

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Young Women in Middle School and High School. Leadership Within is offered separately to these two groups.


To Be Determined. Program will run for eight consecutive weeks and will meet once a week for an hour and a half.

Led By:

Michele O'Shea (please refer to bio)

Group size:

5 to 8


Leadership Within is also offered as a one on one workshop for those that do not fit the profile of the two existing groups or would prefer a one on one format.


$320.00 — This includes eight Leadership Within Workshops and all program material including a Leadership Within Tote that contains binder, notebook and pen. In addition, healthy snacks and refreshments are provided at each workshop.

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Full payment is due before or at first meeting. If, in the event, your daughter does not want to continue with the program after the second meeting, payment for the remaining classes will be refunded.

Click Photos for Full Size — The Workshop Room:

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Program format:

Leadership Within is designed as a hybrid program. The first 45 minutes will be led as a workshop. Each week a practice, quality and/or skill associated with Leadership Development will be introduced in a manner that is both experiential and meaningful on a conceptual level.Hands In Circle

The second 45 minutes will transition into a coaching group. Here I step back and lead from behind. Participants come to the forefront to share in a meaningful exchange of thoughts, ideas and feelings associated with the topic introduced for that week.

One of the greatest impacts of group coaching is the opportunity to harvest the collective wisdom of the group. Learning is enhanced because there is so much opportunity to tap into multiple perspectives of various participants. We all have the tendency to see things through our own limited perspective and within a group—as each person is coached and shares from their own experience—learning expands exponentially.

It is important for participants to understand that there will be no pressure to engage in any exercises or conversations if one chooses not to. Every participant will be fully respected and honored for their chosen level of involvement. Comfort, safety, confidentiality and fun is paramount to the success of this program.

Topics included in program:

  1. What is self-esteem?
  2. Practices, Characteristics and Qualities of High, Healthy Self-Esteem
  3. Self-Acceptance
  4. Self-Responsibility
  5. Self-Assertiveness
  6. Self-Care—Habits That Can Enhance One's Physical, Emotional and Mental Well-Being
  7. Understanding and Managing Fear So You Can Reach Your Full Potential
  8. Strategies for Reducing/Managing Toxic Worry
  9. Stress Management Tools
  10. Emotional Literacy
  11. Communication Skills
  12. Social skills
  13. Friendship skills
  14. Passive Approach To Life Versus a Pro-Active Approach
  15. Strengthening Our Thinking Habits. The Mind Informs Our Emotions
  16. The Science of Positivity…An Active Approach to Building Positivity
  17. The Science of Happiness…An Active Approach to Understanding and Enhancing Happiness
  18. Excellence Versus Perfection
  19. Avoidant Versus Coping Style
  20. The Importance and Power of Self-Awareness
  21. Integrity
  22. Building Resilience
  23. Strategies for Setting and Attaining Goals
  24. Reframing Mistakes
  25. Decision Making Skills
  26. Strategies For Identifying, Strengthening and More Fully Engaging Our Unique Strengths, Gifts and TalentsTeenager Karate

Participants emerge from the program with:

  • Greater Leadership Skills
  • Enhanced self-esteem
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Positive, inspiring friendships
  • Greater courage and less fear
  • Life-skills that will enhance all areas of one’s life
  • A bounce in their step!!!
  • A stronger sense of self
  • A community to call your own

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