As a busy entrepreneur, running the daily activites of my business is a full time undertaking. Add onto that mother and household responsibilites and so the prospect of setting aside time to focus on my growth and development seemed daunting. Within a month of working with Michele I saw a powerful transformation taking place professionally, personally and spiritually. My productivity increased and my ability to see things from another perspective expanded my ability to effectively respond to situations that earlier would have created inner chaos and confusion rendering me ineffective.

In addition to our weekly meetings Michele would send periodical (intermittent) emails to keep me focused and task orientated. Michele’s ability to pull from her toolbox relevant modules or action lessons to polvolt me from paralysis to action was exactly what I needed!

Michele did a phenomenal job leading and transforming me. Her ability to balance listening and interjecting was invaluable and exactly the guidance and encouragement that I needed. It is so apparent that coaching is a passion and not solely a career path that Michele has followed.

Thank you for empowering me and providing me with clarity and direction!”

Samantha Bretton


Completing the Personal Foundation Program was very powerful for me. This program helped me simplify and structure my daily life. Michele's approach was both sensitive and supportive. The part of the program I found the most beneficial was clearing the past. I had not realized how I was effected on a daily basis by holding on to the past. Letting go was life changing. Getting rid of all the clutter that I carried around allows me to live a more productive and peaceful life.”

Amanda Fisher


I have a good life but at times I was feeling disconnected from my true intention when I responded to certain situations. I knew that I had some issues from my past that were not completely understood and often led me to react in unhealthy ways. In my heart I wanted to be in unity with my thoughts and behavior but I was having trouble feeling whole.

When I was introduced to Life Coaching I was intrigued by the fresh perspective of having a mentor to guide me through the obstacles that held me back from my full potential. I feel that Michele has the ability to ask deep, thought provoking questions in a patient and gentle manner that exposed the layers of past history that supported my feelings of insecurity. She allowed me the opportunity to embrace the lessons from my past and through this process I felt a change in my attitude toward the challenges that once held me back. I have new clarity that allows me to develop productive, meaningful decisions that are in line with my heart when making choices. My experience from coaching by Michele feels like I am opening the window and letting the fresh air in.”

Angee Pierson


Man cannot disover new oceans until he has courage to lose sight of the shore. Anonymous