One-on-One Personal Foundation Workshop

ButterflyThe Personal Foundation One-On-One Workshop utilizes a transformational program created and designed by Coach U to significantly enhance the quality of your life. The combination of a powerful program led by a qualified coach and an individual ready and deeply desirous of real and sustainable change sets the stage for the creation of an exceptional life.

When one makes the choice to engage this program it is important that they understand that they are starting a deliberate process to strengthen every part of their personal and professional life. You will be focusing on yourself for the next six to twelve months building yourself and your life from the inside out so that it becomes sustainable, easier and more rewarding. The Personal Foundation Program is a comprehensive, coordinated approach to significantly enhance the quality of your life. You will not be the same after completing this program.

The program is structured as such:


Personal Foundation Level 1 (the WHAT) which includes:

  1. Zap the Tolerations
  2. Get Yourself Clear of the Past
  3. Create and Use 10 Daily Habits
  4. Simplify Your Life Dramatically

Personal Foundation Level 2 (the WHO) which includes:

  1. Restore Your Integrity
  2. Get Your Needs Met
  3. Extend Your Boundaries
  4. Raise Your Standards
  5. Strengthen Your Family
  6. Deepen Your Community
  7. Be Well Protected
  8. Become a Problem Free Zone

Personal Foundation Level 3 (the HOW) which includes:

  1. Reorient Around Your Values
  2. Invest In Your Life
  3. Choose Your Work To Be You
  4. Choose a Healthy Attitude
  5. Create a Reserve
  6. Start Attracting
  7. Perfect the Present

The venue for our work together is a one hour weekly meeting at my office or via telephone. In addition, you will leave each meeting with the lesson including the necessary exercises to deepen your learning of the concept so you can fully and successfully integrate it into your life. This program is not easy, in fact it is quite challenging. It requires a commitment of time and energy. The Personal Foundation Program works better when one can take the time to properly prepare and engage in the lessons. Due to the level of commitment required by both coach and participant to successfully work and complete this program, one must qualify for this program.

As your coach throughout this process I will provide you with ongoing support, guidance, motivation and accountability to keep you on your path. In addition, together we will celebrate all the positive shifts and changes resulting from our work on this program. I am fully committed and excited to take this transformational journey with you!!

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